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Bhaagyada Lakshmi Baaramma

04 November 20154 comments Concerts and Events, Featured, Latest, Photo Album, See and Listen to Me

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  1. Ravi Natarajan December 13, 2015

    Namah Shivaya!

    This is the first time I have met and attended Shri Balachandra Prabhu Ji concert. Atlanta, Georgia 2015. His graceful and strong vocals and the style of singing is unique and mesmerizing. Amazing, graceful, strong, powerful and perfect. Ever since, I have been listening to all his songs in my car all the time. I love each and every song he has sung here in Atlanta. It is rare to see and hear such beautiful and powerful performance with such deep devotion. It is pure God’s Grace. May God’s Blessings always be with him.

  2. Dr. Rajaram Shenoy September 8, 2016

    I have had the good fortune of attending two of Sriman Balachandra Prabhu’s concerts, one at Atlanta NAKA 2016 Sammelan and the other one at AKKA 2016 Convention in Atlantic City, both very recently
    He captivates attention at his very first sound and keeps the audience spellbound for rest of the program.
    For those of us missing dear departed Panditji Bhimsen Joshi, having trained by Bhimsen’s Shishya, Mr. Prabhu brings that style of music and booming and yet soothing voice back.
    He is young and has a long runway ahead of him to equal or even exceed the charm of Panditji.
    His voice is Devine and filled with Bhakthi. This is a gift from Sri Swamiji Sri Sri Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji’s and Sri Venkataramana’s blessings.
    May you stay in good health and live long, be very successful and yet stay humble with God’s grace

  3. Arua Shenoy December 4, 2016

    We had the opportunity to hear Shri Balachandra Prabhu’s wonderful gifted voice at the NAKA 2016 Sammelan and was wonder struck and spell bound by quality of his vocals !!! I had not heard his name before and was really surprised how good the quality of his voice is at such an young age !! In few years, we can surely see, by the grace of God and his riyaz, a wonderful Kirana Gharana artist who will be very famous one day !!!! Wish Bhimsenji had heard him, and surely, he would have been very excited and would have blessed him ! We wish Balu, as everyone call him affectionately, a very bright future and God’s blessings to be very famous in the world !!

  4. Ramesh Kalagnanam March 16, 2018

    I first heard Balu at the NAVIKA festival in September 2015 in Raleigh, NC. I suppose I was destined to meet him because he was not on the printed Agenda and the organizers brought him on the stage at 11:25 AM when folks were waiting in the main auditorium for their turn to be called for lunch. He settled down and started the rendition of Bhagyada Lakshmi. All he had was the same Tabla player as in this video and a shruti box. Within 30 seconds, I was sobbing – it was pure ecstasy! Long story short, I have been in touch with Balu since then, he performed in Raleigh and more importantly, Balu sang this very song at my daughter’s wedding as she was walking to the Mandam with her maternal uncles in tow as per our custom! I wish Balu the very best of success and look forward to more baithaks and new recordings! God bless Balu and his new bride with a very long and happy married life together!


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